CARL for Students

CARL is crucial for a well defined and concise MSBE. CARL does the heavy lifting, organizing your medical training in an easy to understand and linear way. For any physician seeking residency in the U.S, CARL ensures your medical education is well documented, highlighting your successes.

CARL for Universities

Governments have a tremendous job making sure medical institutions and educations centers have full compliance with Government laws. Standardizing healthcare to world standards is important to any government’s relevance in the world. CARL allows insight into demographics and population; and student statistics offering a clear view into every school in the country.

CARL for Governments

A quality education is extremely important, especially in the medical field. Universities need to an understanding of a students education from start to finish, allowing, if needed, professors to help students that may be struggling. CARL can track a students medical education from basic sciences, to their clinical education and beyond.